Adoption Program

In 1995, Secretary Betty McCain of the Department of Cultural Resources issued the following Proclamation: “The Corolla Wild Horses are one of North Carolina’s most significant historic and cultural resources of the coastal area.” In May of 2010, Governor Beverly Purdue signed legislation designating the Colonial Spanish Mustang as the North Carolina State Horse.

Would you like to make a heritage breed horse a part of your family?
If a wild horse becomes too habituated to humans, becomes seriously ill, or is critically injured, the Fund may have to capture and permanently remove them. We also must remove and raise orphaned foals.

Once rehabilitated, a wild horse cannot be returned to the wild because it has been exposed to domestic horses either at the equine hospital or stable where it received care. A disease could be carried back to the wild herd for which they have no immunity. Additionally, in the course of saving it’s life, the horse will require extensive handling and will  likely approach humans if returned to the wild.

Adoption Requirements
The adoption commitment begins before ever bringing your mustang home, and includes several hours of intensive, hands-on work with the horses and CWHF staff.  For detailed information about our adoption program, please email our herd manager.

Read About Our Happily Adopted Horses:

Tresie – Adopted July 2017

Tresie is a 13 year old mare who was rescued from the wild in 2006 with a severely injured right hind hoof. After surgery and a cast for 6 weeks she recovered and is now completely sound. Tresie was adopted by a great family in 2012 but came back to CWHF in the spring of 2017 due to circumstances beyond the family’s control.… Read More

Noel – Adopted October 2017

Our sweet Noel was adopted by a wonderful family and is staying right here in Currituck County. Harrison is in the Wolfpack 4-H Club and met Noel during a meeting at the rehab farm. He and his mom Sarah spent several months getting to know Noel and their family decided that she would be a great addition to their family.… Read More

Creed – has been adopted 10/23/2014

Our wonderful Creed now resides in Asheville, NC with his new owner Jim Kelton and will take part in endurance riding. It was bittersweet to see him go, but we are very happy and proud of him.

Creed is a Colonial Spanish Mustang.… Read More

Marta – Adopted

Congratulations to Krysta Rutherford of Smithfield, VA. Krysta and her family have adopted Marta (now named Katalina). Katalina will be trained with the help of Steve Edwards, Mill Swamp Indian Horses.… Read More

Flicka – Adopted!


ADOPTED Summer of 2013!  Her new home and family are in Kentucky!  Flicka is a beautiful chestnut mare with a flaxen mane and tail. She was removed from the wild because her foal, Felix, was in need of veterinary care.… Read More

Maria – Adopted!

ADOPTED Fall of 2013!  Maria and Carlos were both adopted by the same family, and their new home is in Tennessee!  It is reported that Tennessee pasture grass might just taste better than dune grass!  Carlos was born in the wild and found abandoned in the summer of 2013. … Read More

Rico – Adopted Fall 2014!

Rico was removed on July 16, 2012 with a fractured coffin bone and loose bone fragment. Surgery to remove the fragment only has a 10% success rate and a 90% of permanently crippling him. Instead of surgery, Rico’s lower right front leg was put in a cast for several weeks, and his status was monitored closely.… Read More

Thunder – Adopted

Meet Thunder, a beautiful bay Colonial Spanish Mustang gelding, removed from the wild herd in January of 2012. Thunder is a handsome three year old born May, 2009. He stands at about 12.5 hands and is still growing. From January 30 to May 9, 2012, Thunder was enrolled in the equine technology program at Martin Community College.… Read More

Ash – Adopted

This is Ash, a two year old black Colonial Spanish Mustang Gelding, removed from the herd in January, 2012. He is an absolutely gorgeous horse with classic Spanish carriage, standing at 12 hands. Ash is currently being trained by our herd manager, Wesley Stallings, and is progressing very quickly.… Read More

Solomon – Adopted

Solomon is a handsome bay gelding removed from the wild herd of Colonial Spanish Mustangs January, 2012. He was born the spring of 2009, stands about 12.5 hands, and is still growing. From January 30 to May 9, 2012, Solomon was enrolled in the equine technology program at Martin Community College.… Read More

Bonita – Adopted

Bonita has been very happily adopted by Tami Thurston of Tarboro, NC the director of the Equine Technology program at Martin Community College and owner of Thurston Quarter Horses. Bonita has finished her training in the equine program at Martin Community College and has moved to her new home.… Read More

Amorosa – Adopted

Amarosa has been adopted by Briana Apgar! We are so happy to see her go to her new home where she is much loved.… Read More

Manteo – Adopted

Manteo is a stunning black stallion adopted by Steve Edwards of Smithfield, VA. Manteo had a severe locking platella which required surgery from which he is now fully recovered. He leads an active lifestyle and has completed several trail rides consisting of 50 miles in one day.… Read More

Stormy – Adopted

We are happy to announce that Stormy has been adopted by Van and Donna Overdorff of Indiana, PA! He is going to an excellent home. Van and Donna are also the proud owners of another of our Colonial Spanish Mustangs, Curly, adopted in 2009.… Read More

Edward Teach – Adopted

Kelly and Joshua Roche are now the proud owners of Edward Teach! Edward Teach was rescued from the wild herd after suffering a severe injury to the right side of his neck. He was nursed back to health with the excellent care of the Dominion Equine Hospital and Steve Edwards of Mill Swamp Indian Horses.… Read More