Farewell Finn

This morning (3/12/23) we are sad to announce the death of 11-year-old wild stallion Finn, who we humanely euthanized yesterday due to an irreparably broken hind leg.
Finn had been observed fighting with other stallions on Friday, and then unable/unwilling to move Friday night and into Saturday. Upon closer inspection, it was obvious that his leg was badly broken and under the direction of our veterinarian we captured him so that we could help end his suffering. Finn’s injuries were completely in line with those commonly sustained from fighting, and there is no reason to believe he was injured by human means (hit by a vehicle, etc).
While it is a devastating loss for those of us who cared for Finn and who will miss him dearly, what happened to him is nature in its most basic, wild, and unforgiving form. Finn died as wild as he was born; he lived a truly free life and that is something we should take comfort in.
As we go into spring and summer, Finn’s death should serve as a reminder of how wild and dangerous these horses are. It’s breeding season and stallions absolutely do not care if you are in the way when they are fighting. You will get trampled, kicked, bit, or worse. Stay at least 50 feet away from them at all times and always be aware of your surroundings. Fights can break out in a split second, and their movements can be unpredictable and quick. Please give these horses the respect they deserve – for their own safety and yours.