Foal Naming Contest

Corolla Wild Horses - Foal naming Contest

The first foal of 2017 was spotted in Carova on May 1, and it’s a colt! This healthy, sturdy boy is probably about a month old. Right now he’s bay, but we’re betting he sheds out and grows in a black coat – he looks a lot like North Star did last year and she’s black now. He’s got a star and one little sock. We need your help naming him! For $1, you can submit a name and we will then put together a list of our top ten favorites for the public to vote on. The winner will receive a framed photo of the colt (and bragging rights for life!). All names will be accepted as long as they don’t include any vulgar language, but keep in mind these horses are of Spanish decent and we always appreciate a nod to that when naming them. You can submit as many names as you want – this is a fundraiser for the Corolla Wild Horse Fund and 100% of the proceeds will go right back to the horses. Name submissions will end on May 12, 2017.


Foal Naming Contest & Donation

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