Health Update on June

Thanks to everyone who has reached out over the last couple days to check in on June! She continues to do well – our vet is very pleased with how well she’s healing.

Today was a big day because June decided to voluntarily come inside her stall! It was a major show of trust and comfort on her part. We’re so glad she feels safe with us now. She also got to take a little walk around the farm this afternoon to stretch her legs and eat some grass. That will be a daily occurrence for her now – she was so well behaved and really enjoyed it. She’s started to become affectionate with us and seeks out attention, and she REALLY loves meal times.

She got her last dose of the pythium vaccine this week, and will be on antibiotics for a bit longer but overall she simply could not be doing any better! To say we are thrilled is an understatement. All the photos in this post were taken today.