Junior is home and doing well!

We are so pleased to let everyone know that Junior came home from the hospital on Monday! He is doing remarkably well, and settling into his new routine at the farm. Our vet was over to check on him this morning and was happy with the way everything looks – his incision/sutures are in great shape and healing nicely, he’s eating and drinking like he should, he’s bright and alert, and all the internal stuff seems to be working properly.
Junior is being extremely reasonable and level-headed about being on stall rest and he’s also adjusting just fine to the fact that he can no longer eat regular hay. This is a relief, since prior to surgery Junior’s favorite thing in the world was his hay. Instead he is getting five small meals of senior feed throughout the day/night along with soaked hay pellets. We’d like to say a special thank-you to Christina with Triple Crown Feed for helping us figure out the best way to feed Junior (based on our veterinarian’s recommendations, of course!) to assure he’s getting the right nutrition and that mealtimes are enriching too.
He is allowed to go on several short walks throughout the day to eat some grass, which he really enjoys. After a month of stall rest he’ll be able to go out in a small paddock on his own, and then after a month of that he can have access to a larger pasture. The contraption you see wrapped around his middle is to help support his abdomen and prevent hernias; he has to wear it for another six weeks and we think if you asked him he would say it’s the worst part about all of this! It’s very itchy. But he’s taking it in stride, just like everything else.
We are so grateful for your support over the last two weeks, from everyone who reached out to check in on our staff and offer prayers and positive energy for Junior’s recovery, our colleagues and partners across the country who have been so kind to share their experience and advice (and sometimes just an understanding ear to vent to), our veterinarians and all of the caregivers at the hospital, and everyone who made a donation towards Junior’s veterinary bills.
Junior still has a long way to go before he is fully recovered from surgery and he will require very specialized care for the rest of his life but so far he’s telling us it’s nothing he can’t handle. We are committed to being there for him every step of the way and will continue to keep everyone posted on his progress.