Rescued stallion, Junior. on the rescue farm.

Junior at our farm in Grandy

On February 17, Junior presented symptoms of colic and was rushed to North Carolina State University in Raleigh for emergency surgery. A year ago, he suffered the same complications from a strangulating lipoma and had several feet of his small intestine removed, making him high-risk for future issues. This operation, again, required the removal of several feet of Junior’s intestine.

Junior made it through surgery and is stable, but he is still in critical condition and has a long road ahead in his recovery. He will remain hospitalized until cleared to return to the farm. Medical bills such as this are substantial, and any donations are incredibly appreciated as we ensure Junior receives the best care possible. Care of this type often costs an excess of $10,000.

We are truly grateful for your support of Junior. For now, we are taking this day by day and celebrating every positive update we receive from his caretakers at NC State. We will continue to share updates through our social media channels.

Any donations that exceed our goal will go to our Rescue Farm Fund.