Rest Easy, Cora Mae. Your Legacy Lives On.

Around 7:30 this morning we received a call from a resident about a horse that had been struck by a vehicle. After arriving on the scene our veterinarian determined that the mare, named Cora Mae, had fractured her tibia in multiple places. She was humanely euthanized.
The driver of the vehicle also notified the sheriff’s department and a deputy was dispatched. Statements were taken and a report was filed, but please understand that this was truly a terrible accident and all parties involved are devastated. We ask that people please be respectful as all of us – including the driver of the vehicle – cope with this loss.
Cora Mae was in her teens, and one of the top producing mares on the beach. In recent years, she foaled Liberty, Valor, Riptide, Bravo, and Cosmos. She was an excellent mother and her offspring are all extremely well-bred. Cora’s loss will have a significant, lasting impact on the wild population.
There is some comfort in knowing that Liberty, Bravo, and Cosmos are still in the wild and will hopefully sire their own foals in the coming years. Riptide was removed from the wild in 2020 when he contracted pythiosis, and now lives on the CWHF farm on the mainland. At four years old, he is our best ambassador/outreach horse, has been started under saddle, and we have plans to potentially breed him next year. We sadly lost Valor in 2020 at the age of two due to an infected tendon sheath.
Cosmos turns a year old on September 15 and while this isn’t the way we like to see foals weaned, he is old enough to survive on his own. He is still with his dad Surfer who will take excellent care of him as long as they stick together. We will be keeping a very close eye on him and will intervene if it seems like he’s struggling, but as of right now we are hopeful that he will acclimate just fine.
We’d like to thank everyone who helped us take care of Cora Mae today. We are so grateful for the quick, compassionate response from our community, our staff, and our veterinarian.
You were a good girl, Cora Mae. Rest easy now. 💜