Amadeo – Rescued Stallion. Amadeo, who had been blind in one eye, lost sight in his other eye after a fight with a rival stallion. Disoriented, he charged into the sea where he nearly died. CWHF partnered with Corolla Ocean Rescue to bring him back to shore.

Felix – Rescued Colt. Felix’s mother was much too young to fully care for him, and it was reported that he may have ingested some stray fishing line on the beach. Small for his age, Felix may reach a mature height of 10 hands. He is known for his playful personality, and he is available for adoption.

Firecracker – Rescued Colt. Shortly after his birth in the summer of 2012, Firecracker had an abdominal infection and hernia. He is now a handsome, well-built young horse. almost ready for saddle training! He is available for adoption.

Rico – Rescued Stallion. X-rays showed that Rico was suffering from a fractured coffin bone (in the hoof) complicated by a loose bone fragment. After weeks in a cast, Rico is fully healed, and he awaits adoption as a companion or light riding horse.

Noel – Rescued Mare. Noel was rescued after becoming stranded in one of the Canals in the Corova area. After rescue, x-rays showed that she had a fractured femur. CWHF brought her in from the wild for care and rehabilitation. Noel is now saddle trained and available for adoption.

Vivo – In the spring of 2014, Vivo was born with contracted tendons. This caused him to walk on his tiptoes, like a ballerina. He was rescued for treatment and he has fully recovered.

Freedom – Named after his birthday on the Fourth of July, 2011, Freedom is the foal of Noel, a rescued mare. He stands at about 12 hands and is saddle trained and available for adoption.

Deluxe Leatherette Presentation Folder with 8.5×11″ photo of sponsored horse and CWHF sponsorship certificate. Click picture to enlarge.

Leatherette Sponsorship Folder with gold embossed CWHF logo. Click picture to enlarge.