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Create your own fundraising page to help support the Corolla Wild Horse Fund!


Donations that you raise for the Corolla Wild Horse Fund’s Annual Campaign support essential programs such as breed conservation, herd management, horse rescue and rehabilitation, and museum and education. We passionately believe that we must safeguard these rare and few Banker horses. Each and every gift you raise is vital to their future.


We are committed to the preservation of this herd, one foal at a time. None of what we do is possible without you. We depend on your help to continue nurturing this herd so that they can thrive for generations to come. Your support is vital to the existence of the Fund. The Fund is vital to the future of the Bankers.

You can create your own fundraiser to benefit the work of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund! All ideas are welcome! Here are just some to get you started…

  • If you are participating in a local event and would like others to sponsor you while raising funds for the horses, you can start your own fundraiser!
  • If you are celebrating a birthday and want your friends and family to contribute on your behalf for your celebration, you can start your own fundraiser!
  • If you would like to honor someone and ask for donations as a tribute to this special person, you can start your own fundraiser!

There are so many ways to help the Fund and its work. Once you start your fundraiser, you can promote it by sharing on social media, by email, or just by letting your friends, family, and work associates know about it. Any of these fine ideas will help the Fund to continue the work of their mission and help the Banker horses survive.

Creating your own fundraiser to benefit the horses can be very satisfying, knowing that the funds that you raise will have a direct impact. And now you can choose where the funds that you raise go. There are four buttons below –

(Clicking any of the links below will lead you to the platform JustGiving, the world’s most trusted platform for online giving. Just Giving helps people raise money for the charities that they care about the most and is what the Fund utilizes so that you will be able to create your fundraiser and raise much needed dollars to benefit the Banker horses of Corolla.)

If you have any questions or require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us by using our Contact Form. We look forward to benefiting from all your creative ways to raise funds for the horses! Thank you for your support!