Two new foals welcomed to Corolla wild horse herd

Coastland Times

Published 8:46 am Sunday, May 2, 2021

The Corolla Wild Horse fund recently introduced two new foals born to the herd.

“Benjamin, a colt, was born on April 11 and Bridget, a filly, was born on April 23. Both babies have attentive and experienced parents and are doing well! The count for 2021 so far is five – one colt, three fillies, and one yet to be determined,” stated the announcement.

Benjamin the colt. Kristen Vreeland photo, courtesy Corolla Wild Horse Fund
The Corolla Wild Horse Fund reminded all to “keep [your] distance from these new families. Fifty feet at minimum. Do not exit your vehicle or climb the dunes to get closer to them – it’s dangerous for them and for you. Each one of these foals is critically important to the long-term survival of the Corolla herd. We need them to grow up healthy, strong, and wild! Please help us make sure that happens.”