It’s a Girl!

 This is the foal we first saw a couple weeks ago but were unable to determine the sex of. Today we confirmed it is indeed a filly.
Her mother’s name is Arwen and the stallion they’re with (most likely the sire but only DNA will tell for sure) is named Rohan. So since it’s an E year we of course had to go with the name Eowyn for this filly. Someone on staff is kind of a big Lord of the Rings fan. 🫣😉 And literally translated, Eowyn (pronounced ay•uh•wn) means “joy from horses” in Old English.
Please remember to give the horses plenty of space at all times – especially the foals. They are very fragile, impressionable, and unpredictable. Parents can also become aggressive and protective if they feel threatened. Help us ensure that Eowyn and the rest of this years foals grow up healthy, safe, wild, and free.