CWHF volunteers play a meaningful role in protecting and preserving the herd. Often, prospective volunteers ask for opportunities to work directly with wild and/or rescued horses; unfortunately, these opportunities require training and are usually not available. However, volunteers play important supportive roles in the CWHF mission. Volunteers can and do help protect and preserve Colonial Spanish Mustangs.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send us an email, and fill out and return the Volunteer Waiver Form.

Here Are a Few Ways You Can Help

  • Summer Programs

  • Special Events Support

  • Visitor Education

  • Mailings & Envelope Stuffing

  • Office & Clerical

  • Graphic Design

  • Content Management

  • Photographer


It's official! We have relocated our museum and gift shop, along with our offices, to the Old Village in Corolla. We are very excited about this move. We once again have close proximity to the horses, better visibility for the public, and the ability to be part of the community that we value. Look for us at 1130E Corolla Village Road between Island Bookstore and the Corolla Chapel. Thank you for your support! Contact us