Welcome Beatrice, Seventh Foal of the Season

July 14, 2021

Report by CWHF

This filly was born on Saturday, July 10. Her name is Beatrice.
Beatrice has had an exciting first few days of life. After she was born, she didn’t nurse right away and was having a difficult time bonding with mom. But we kept a very close eye on them and thankfully by the end of the afternoon they had figured things out and everyone was doing just fine.
Then yesterday morning, our herd manager received a call around 6am that there was a foal struggling in the canal. Thank goodness there were three fishermen right there who were able to get Beatrice out of the water. Owen, Jeff, and George – you saved this filly’s life. And thank you to Carova Beach Volunteer Fire & Rescue and our staff and volunteers who responded immediately too.
Beatrice means “bringer of joy” and after the last couple weeks, with the loss of Lizzie, and Junior’s removal from the wild herd, we all certainly need a little joy in our lives.