Welcome Little One!

The first foal of 2024 is here! Welcome little one!
We are still not sure of the sex so we don’t have a name to share with you, but the most important thing is that he/she is in excellent condition, and so is mom. She is an experienced mother – the harem also includes her 2021 filly. We estimate the foal to be around a week old.
Remember, if you are lucky enough to see them please keep your distance! Stress can cause all kinds of issues, including rejection and aggression from the adults. Foals are also very impressionable at this age and habituate easily. It is very dangerous for you if the mare or stallion feels threatened – they will not hesitate to charge and you could be trampled, bitten, kicked, or all three.
Thank you for helping us make sure this foal has the best chance at growing up healthy and wild!