Wild horse fund hires contractor to fix fencing, keep mustangs on 4×4

OBX Today October 10, 2019 by Kari Pugh The Corolla Wild Horse Fund this week hired a contractor to temporarily fix a fence meant to keep the Outer Banks’ wild mustangs from wandering the paved roads and neighborhoods of Corolla. Following Hurricane Dorian flooding, a group of wild horses have been passing through the dilapidated […]

Wild horses breach fence, forcing Raymond the mule’s removal from beach

October 1, 2019 by Kari Pugh Raymond the mule and a group of wild mustangs displaced by hurricane flooding have been crossing dilapidated fencing and entering the paved road and neighborhoods of Corolla, leading to a “heartbreaking” decision for those tasked with caring for the herd. On Sunday, the Corolla Wild Horse Fund was forced […]

Outer Banks’ wild horse herd has survived 500 years of storms

OBX Today September 5th by Kari Pugh There’s one group of Outer Banks residents who won’t be evacuating for Hurricane Dorian — the wild horses. Instead, the colonial Spanish mustang herd will likely ride out the the winds and rain as their ancestors did before them — in huddles, “butts to the wind.” “They have […]