It’s a Boy!

July 20, 2021 Report by CWHF This little colt, the eighth foal of the season, was born sometime Sunday night, probably during the thunderstorms that rolled through. Our herd manager got a call early Monday morning that some visitors had found what looked like afterbirth in their driveway. We inspected it and shared photos with […]

Welcome Beatrice, Seventh Foal of the Season

July 14, 2021 Report by CWHF This filly was born on Saturday, July 10. Her name is Beatrice. Beatrice has had an exciting first few days of life. After she was born, she didn’t nurse right away and was having a difficult time bonding with mom. But we kept a very close eye on them […]

Junior’s Rescue and Recovery

Last week we almost lost another horse to choking. Because of the quick action of the people who witnessed his distress, we were able to save him…