Raymond has a companion, again.

Blossom, who was rescued in October after tearing a ligament in her front leg, has been doing really well. Her latest check-up indicated that the leg has healed and fused as much as it’s going to, and all things considered, she is remarkably sound. Since this coincided with Junior coming home from the hospital and needing the medical stall/paddock we started considering other living arrangements for her.
We knew that Blossom and Raymond had lived together in the wild, and since they’re about the same age, in about the same physical shape, and have the same dietary requirements we thought…it’s worth a try, right?
Raymond, despite his reputation, is pretty defensive and uncomfortable around other animals, and very sensitive to changes in his environment and routine. In the five years he’s lived with us we’ve never been able to find another animal he was happy sharing space with; he stops eating and gets very touchy and unhappy. Raymond’s paddock can be split in half, so we closed the gate and put Blossom on the other side so they could be next to each other but still separated by a fence. That went pretty smoothly. Raymond hid from her to begin with, but then got brave and came out to stand next to her at the gate. However, by the next day we noticed that Raymond had stopped eating. At first we thought it was because of Blossom but then we realized it was because we’d moved his hay from its regular spot. So after we fixed that, he went back to eating like normal. Have we mentioned how neurotic he is?
After about a week of everyone behaving normally and seemingly comfortable with things, we took a deep breath and opened the gate. Because they are both very old and not in the best physical shape the theatrics were kept to a minimum. They made a few faces at each other, pretended to kick out a few times, and that was it. They settled in and started eating hay next to each other and the rest is history!
They both still seem very happy after a couple weeks of cohabitating. Blossom likes having someone to boss around and Raymond enjoys feeling like he’s in charge of something again. It’s been a great confidence boost for him. They definitely still keep to their own space a lot of the time, but we’ve caught them napping together and eating out of the same pile of hay a few times too.
We’re so glad that these two could be successfully reunited. It’s great for their emotional well-being and it makes husbandry a bit easier for us. The other option we were considering for Blossom was putting her with her daughter June, but if we fed June the type and amount of hay her mother needs she would explode! So this works out best for everyone. We’ve dubbed their little pasture the old folks home, and we know everyone will be looking forward to seeing them in person at open houses this summer. They sure are cute together!
Blossom and Raymond both require special care in their old age, and you can help offset the cost of that by sponsoring them. Your support helps us buy the hay, grain, and daily meds they need, provide specialized hoof trimming, and any other veterinary needs that arise.
Sponsor Raymond or Blossom (or both!): https://www.corollawildhorses.com/horse-sponsorships/