Your support in action – seven interconnected paddocks

At the beginning of the year, we identified areas around our rescue farm that would benefit from new and/or updated fencing. Based on current priorities and needs, we decided to start with building additional paddocks off the back of the barn. This provided us with more space for horse intake, quarantine, and medical care. We now have seven paddocks that are all interconnected but can also be closed off, along with an alley down the middle that will allow us to unload and shift horses without having to handle them. We can now move wild horses much easier and more safely and have far more flexibility when we must house horses that need specialized care due to medical or behavioral issues (or often both).

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The fencing consists of wooden posts with wire mesh so that even the wildest horse cannot get through it. This prevents horses from having nose-to-nose contact in quarantine situations, and the fence is tall enough to prevent any of the horses from thinking they could jump over it. While we don’t ever want to have to use these areas, because that means we have sick horses and/or horses that have been taken out of the wild, we need to have the infrastructure in place because when we need it, we really need it. Our next significant project will be replacing fencing around the large pastures that house the mares!